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About us

I love finding sparkly treasures that are locally made, carefully crafted, and totally unique, but over the years I've noticed these special items have become harder and harder to come across, replaced with mass produced stock that everyone else seems to already own. 
I guess that's why I decided to launch #shopRAOP!
I've always loved the idea of curating a pastel lifestyle shop of my own, but only over the past year did I realize I wanted to work with makers on a personal level to design custom RAOP exclusive products. Everything you find within these pages is locally made by some of our favourite people, only available here and totally unique to us. The best part? Once the limited run is gone, the product is gone for good... how's that for special? There's also a one of a kind section of found items that have caught our eye, and who knows what other surprises we have in store!
We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we loved dreaming up this new adventure. Each and every product was carefully crafted with love, and we can't wait to ship them out all over the world to you! 
Alyssa + Team RAOP